Welcome to my website!

My name is Paul Elkins. I am an artist and designer/inventor.

I enjoy making Plein Air pastel chalk drawings, ink doodles, occational sculptures in sand, clay, metal, wire-mesh and wire.

This website is mostly geared toward showcasing my designs and prototype builds. My philosophy is in minimalism and simplicity.

My main subject interests are Alternative Transportation, Boats, Shelters, Survival Gear to name a few.

The images above illustrate most of the prototypes you'll see on this website.

Click an image to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.

Click on the MENU above for more detailed information on my builds and art work.

Click on the YouTube link to see these items being built and tested out.

If you're interested in building something, I offer some build plans. You can see what's available by clicking the Plans tab.

Also, click on the Your Projects tab to see what other people have been building using my plans.


You may notice there are no pesky Commercial adds to get in your way. This is my way of thanking and giving back to all those folks who shared their ideas on the internet, YouTube, in books, magazines and the kind people who've shared their ideas face to face.

And if before you leave, you get a little idea or inspiration, my mission is complete. Just remember to pass it forward.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a GREAT DAY!