Welcome to ElkinsDIY!


If you like new ideas with Minimalism, Simplicity and Up-Cycling in mind, then you just might find something here that interests you. Hello, my name is Paul Elkins. I’m a self taught designer and prototype builder with interests in:

Personal Transportation, Small Boats, Shelters, Survival Gear and much more.

To see my builds click ‘Projects’ then a subject that interests you. Click on any image for more photos and detail. 

Click the YouTube button above to see these items being built and tested.

Build Plans

 I also offer inexpensive PDF build plans for some of my ideas.

Each plan gives you detailed photos and drawings showing how to make a shelter or boat of your own.


(Here’s an example taken from the Little Miss Sally build plan)

17 copy


Click the ‘YOUR PROJECTS‘ tab to see what other people have been built using my plans.


(Sarah Coultier’s homeless shelter on wheels)


This site is for you, the tinker, the thinker, the dreamer, without commercial distraction.

This is a site for INSPIRATION to the noodles between your ears!

Or at least I hoping so. There’s lots to see here. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay.


My latest projects

The Coro Speedboat is now ELECTRIC! Click here to see more. 


Click here to see more details on my fluted plastic canopy. It’s super light weight, waterproof and folds up when not in use. Great for camping too. 


This is an attempt to motorize a mountain bike with a dependable Briggs and Stratton engine for touring with a bicycle camper. This is an ongoing project.

Click here to Check it out!