Not long ago this site was destroyed due to a Malware attack.

Many thanks to Himanshu Mehru of Bicycle Smoothies for assisting me in getting this site back on line.

Latest Projects

I've been playing with the idea of going FASTER with a fluted plastic origami hull. Here are two attempts using small outboard motors. The top one topped out at 5 knots and the pontoon boat about 6-7 knots. Hydrofoils next? Hmmmmm.


Latest Drawing

I've been creating Plein Air (on the spot) drawings almost every week for about a year now. We had severe winds not long ago. This sailboat broke loose and landed across the bay from where I live. I draw with Pastel chalk on 400 grit black sand paper.


Build Plans

I offer PDF build plans for most of my boats, shelters and the pedal kart.

Shown here is the nose section for the Nomad Bicycle Camper.