Nomad Pedal Camper

June 4, 2023

I am a proud American, but these flags are more about RedNeck protection when navigating rural roads. This was my original idea when thinking of a pedal camper. The idea came after reading the article below back in 1992.   I later met and became friends with Steven Roberts as he settled just up the…

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Nomad Bicycle Camper (first mock-up)

February 6, 2023

  Ever since towing my first bicycle camper in strong headwinds at the Burningman festival did I realize the importance of having a round or small front end. But this camper required aluminum framing to support the body, bringing the dry weight to about 100 pounds. I was thinking of the easiest way to reshape…

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Remodeled Nomad bicycle camper

March 12, 2022

This was the Nomad camper that kinda started a movement? Not sure, but it has received millions of views on YouTube in the last few years. It had a lovely interior with stove, sink and lots of storage. For years I thought of a shorter version, not just to save weight and reduce side winds,…

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Coro truck canopy

November 16, 2021

The Coro canopy is a rapid deployment truck bed cover that can be used for keeping hauled items dry or, as seen here, made into a summer camper. When stored the canopy roof folds with the ends stored in between. The four 4×8 foot sheets of 4mm thick fluted plastic, lumber and hardware were purchased…

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Conestoga Bicycle Camper

October 13, 2020

On this design weight was not a huge issue. I wanted an ecologically friendly, inexpensive camper with design elements similar to the European Gypsy and American Pioneer wagons. The frame is somewhat similar to my Nomad bicycle camper using screwed together 1×2’s. This makes for a light-weight yet fairly sturdy frame. Electrical box covers were again…

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Micro Mobile Art studio

April 10, 2020

  After making my last shelter for landscape drawing, I decided it was too large and too big to carry. I wanted something even smaller that I could attach to my Tommy Bahama chair.   From my past experience I felt an arc was the best structure for strength and aerodynamics, but the problem was…

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Plein air drawing shelter

March 23, 2020

  For the last year, each week I’ve been joining several friends to seek out places around our area to set-up and paint landscape on the spot. This is Stu. One of my Plein air pals. My oil painting friends set up their tripods and stand in the elements until their painting is rendered. I…

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April 14, 2019

This six sided dome was made using 8 sheets of 4mm thick recycled campaign signs and duct tape. Similar to my Octatipi in construction, the sides on this shelter flare out giving you more interior head space. The floor uses two 4×8 ft. campaign sign, bent up at the edges and housed inside the walls…

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Bug-out bicycle camper

April 12, 2019

  The 2006 Burningman Theme was ‘Hopes and Fears of the Future’. I chose fear. Back then the bird flu virus was a big scare. I came up with this Mad Max style post apocalyptic bug-out rig for wandering around the playa. I also brought it along the following year. Left to right, Solar window…

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Bug screen tent canopy

April 12, 2019

I took a canopy made for beds and make an outdoor nook for my wife and I to sit in and enjoy the summer, bug free. For the stakes I cut 10 ft rebar lengths in two, then I cut an X in tennis balls and slipped them over the stake ends. I draped the…

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