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DIY truck scaffolding

October 13, 2021

Here’s something I slapped together with some boards and screws I had lying around. I have a wall of out-0f-control evergreen trees that grow on two sides of my lot property. Notice the power line up high. Normally the public utility outfit trims my trees down every so often, but after Covid maintenance has slowed…

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Bucket toilet stabilizers

December 2, 2020

My old camper doesn’t have a bathroom, which is fine except when you need to tinkle in the middle of the night. So we ordered a two room shower tent and a snap on bucket toilet seat from Amazon. Right away I discovered a potential problem. Too tippy even for my scrawny butt! Not long…

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Cordless screwdriver bit holder

September 3, 2020

I was tired of running back and forth to my screw-bit selection kit. I found this little 10 bit holder, (which is about all that I use anyway) and whittled the base with a rat tail and cured file to fit snuggly on the top of my Dewalt cordless screwdriver. I glued it in place…

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Livingston boat ramps and dolly

June 11, 2020

Not long ago I acquired a free 9 foot 160 pound double hull fiberglass Livingston boat. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it came without a trailer or wheels to move it around once on land. My truck has an 8 foot bed, and after taking some measurements I realized the boat could fit in the bed. The boat…

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Foot golf

May 11, 2020

This clay model was the first of several prototypes. I envisioned this being carbon fiber with a steel plate. I wasn’t sure quite how to attach it to the shoe.   This was a piece of steel from some gizmo that I had in my scrap metal box. I bent the tangs up thinking I…

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Laptop computer stand

April 15, 2020

When the Covid 19 virus hit our state my wife was forced to do video conferencing instead of going to work. After viewing others on scene, with the downward unflattering shadowed look of the neck waddle and the color of their ceiling, she decided to raise her laptop with a stack of books for a…

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Portable DIY bidet

April 10, 2020

This is a spent ink pen cartridge. Here I’m heating the cartridge end over a candle. A large nail is used to flaring the end of the tube. This end will rest against the cap. The flare will prevent the tube from popping out when the water bottle is squeezed. Once the flare is made,…

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Plein air drawing shelter

March 23, 2020

  For the last year, each week I’ve been joining several friends to seek out places around our area to set-up and paint landscape on the spot. This is Stu. One of my Plein air pals. My oil painting friends set up their tripods and stand in the elements until their painting is rendered. I…

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DIY surgical mask

March 22, 2020

As of this writing the Covid 19 Corona virus is spreading so fast that the preferred N95 disposable surgical masks are becoming quite scarce. Not many contagion tests are being administered on the general public as of yet, so you or I could be a walking Typhoid Mary. What if I develop a cough or…

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Pedal blender

October 16, 2019

    This is my latest project, the pedal blender.                        

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