Gas Motorized Kayak

October 29, 2023

  I’ve owned this Gamefisher 1.2 horse power motor for a decade. I’ve used it on several boats I’ve built in the past. It only weighs 15 pounds and sips gas. It works like a dream, when it wants to. On the day I tested out this set-up, the motor was successfully  started at home,…

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Driftwood raft

December 14, 2022

Here’s something I put together one sunny morning. A driftwood raft. Easy you may think, but it took a little pre-planning as you will see… First, I decided to assemble bits of a frame in my shop. Instead of salvaging wood from the beach I used wood I had kicking around. This simplified things. For…

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Coro Kayak 2

June 12, 2022

  This is the Coro Kayak. I built this about 10 years ago. It folds up into a nice package for easy transporting. I sell PDF plans for this boat if you’re interested. I like this boat but wanted something a bit more hydrodynamic and more sturdier in construction. This was the first prototype. I…

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Electric Mini Speed Boat

October 13, 2021

This was my first ‘V’ hull speed boat. I added a small 1.2 horsepower two cycle loud as hell Game Fisher gas motor for power. It got up to about 4 miles per hour. It was fun to drive. On this second version, which I show all the steps to build it on my youtube…

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Livingston boat ramps and dolly

June 11, 2020

Not long ago I acquired a free 9 foot 160 pound double hull fiberglass Livingston boat. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it came without a trailer or wheels to move it around once on land. My truck has an 8 foot bed, and after taking some measurements I realized the boat could fit in the bed. The boat…

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Mini Catamaran II

March 22, 2020

This was me tweeting the original Mini Catamaran. I decided to have the motor in the rear figuring the prop wash would pass by the ends of the pontoons hence giving me more responsive steering. But instead of facing forward, which adds complexity to the steering and throttle, I decided to face sideways similar to…

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Coro Mini Catamaran

February 12, 2020

  I wanted to see what a 4ft by 8ft sheet of fluted plastic would look like folded origami style into a water tight pontoon for a Catamaran boat. After making a paper model I calculated the sq. ft. interior space to determine the waterline loaded with 200 pounds. I wasn’t too pleased with the…

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Coro Speed Boat II

January 9, 2020

This was the first of my gas powered fluted plastic boats. I called it the Speed Boat. PVC was used for the Gunwales, but this proved to be a poor choice to secure an upper decking. Also the light weight 1.2 HP Gamefisher motor was used. The fluted plastic was folded for the transom, creating…

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Fin propulsion boat

April 12, 2019

There was this small boat I saw on the internet called the Thistle that was fin propelled. I thought I’d try to come up with a low tech version of the boat. I opted to have the foot powered with the pilot sitting backwards. I thought this would be a great position for fishing. The…

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Coro Kayak

April 11, 2019

For PDF plans, click here!  The Coro Kayak is made with one sheet of 4mm thick fluted plastic. Releasable zip ties are used to make this a foldable boat. The seat is Made with extra material. Once the seat is attached to the hull it acts like a bulkhead keeping the sides from coming inward.…

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