Burningman Shelters

Here’s a few pictures of shelters that Burners sent in. I never did make official plans for my big pyramid, but advised a few people along with their build. Plans are available for the Foam-board Teepee in the PLANS tab. These shelter help keeping the high temps tolerable and the filters on opposite ends  help ventilate and to keep the dust from permeating your belongings.

Michelle Clemens Foam board Octatipi


This is Michelle Clemens Teepee

Michelle went solo here with plenty room to spare, but I used mine for a sleeping area for my wife and I, plus some clothing. The thick walls deceive you. On a calm morning we’d open the door and be surprised to see a 15 mph wind was blowing!

This six and a half sheet Flat-top four sided Teepee is a great shape, but not the easiest to fold flat without the need to disassemble the panels.

Here’s a simple drawing of the panels needed to make this interesting Teepee. The door is similar to my 9 sided Teepee shown in my Projects tab. You’ll also need another half sheet for the roof, and lots of 3″ Gorilla tape or similar.

These two pictures are Steves Pyramid, built very much along the same lines as mine. A very nice guy too!

This is Bow’s pyramid, showing you what can be done with a little imagination.

I love this picture. It speaks volumes of the Burningman Experience!

This picture shows a flat top pyramid of my design and one of Vinay Gupta’s Hexayurt designs.

Lots of room to move in the pyramid shelter. Not the easiest to fold up but once assembled a delight to hang out in to get out of the elements.


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