DIY surgical mask

As of this writing the Covid 19 Corona virus is spreading so fast that the preferred N95 disposable surgical masks are becoming quite scarce.

Not many contagion tests are being administered on the general public as of yet, so you or I could be a walking Typhoid Mary.

What if I develop a cough or start sneezing and I need to run some errands?  I wanted something that could capture most of the spittle from escaping after a sneeze or cough. The elbow is only so good, but not a fool proof technique.

If you use a tissue you should find a waist receptical after use, or you end up shoving it in your pocket possibly infecting you clothes.

I wanted something I could wear around my neck for quick deployment. Here I’m playing with a thick pair of mostly cotton sweat pants. I’m Using my wife’s fabric wheel here, but later used her Pinker cutting wheel

to prevent fraying after washing.

The leg bottom on this fit nice and snuggly around my neck. It was even warm.

Here’s a way you can wear it fo you feel the need, or need to rob a store.

Here I’m using the pinker wheel on the upper half.

This actually looks somewhat fashionable, eh?

If you have to sneeze you can spin it around a few degrees and use a dry area for the next sneeze, then wash it when you get home.