Teardrop bicycle cover


This was an attempt to make a teardrop shell fiberglass plug for my road bike.

Plywood ribs were attached together using 90 degree brackets. Holes spaced 4″ apart  were drilled on the rib edges.

1/8″ wire was treaded thru the holes.

Thin wire was used to attach the chicken wire to the 1/8″ wire frame. 1/4″ box mesh was added to the rear tail.


Here I’ve added newspaper paper mache (flower and water) over the wire cage. Once dry, fast setting drywall mud was applied over the paper machete skin.

I had to add multiple layers to get a smooth surface. Unfortunately the plug became too heavy to maneuver, so I dismantled the plug.

Although this is a cheap way to create a fiberglass plug, to do it again I would create the plug using solid foam blocks.