Various forms of art

If you’re familiar with my website you probably see me as a designer.

But actually I’ve spent an equal amount of time dabbling in different forms of art.

These are a few of the various things I’ve done, and still do as a hobby.


I hired in at Boeing when I was 29. It didn’t take too long before my dry erase doodles on the walls of the latrines were noticed by my fellow workers. It was suggested that I make up a card for a departing supervisor. Not long after, another request for a retirement card, then a birthday card, etc, etc, etc. I got pretty good at it.  It took me about 2 hour to complete a card, from photos to a colored pencil rendering.

In all I made over 50 cards. It was my dream job come true!

Then a jet plane hit a tall building…

Like many at Boeing, 9-11 caused a lot of layoffs, including me. Fortunately I qualified for a free two year stint at a community college. I chose to pursue a graphic arts degree.

The classes mostly comprised of learning computer graphic programs. I was good at drawing and painting, but computers, not so good. Sandy Lepper, my art teacher and mentor, showed me how to make a collage using different photos to create a desired scene.

She also taught me the technique of using pastel chalk on black 400 grit paper, which I still use today.



After college I set up an art studio on my property. Taking photos of my surrounding area, I created and sold several drawings over the course of a year.

A little after three years Boeing was rehiring. I now have a great respect for those who create and sell their art for a living. Let me tell you, it is not easy.



Since retiring from Boeing, every week I’ve been enjoying doing what’s called Plaine art, a French term, which consists of piling into an SUV with art supplies, driving around and scoping out pristine landscapes to paint, or in my case draw. This is the first time I’ve drawn live landscapes. Even when the weather is freezing cold or blazing hot, it’s still a lot of fun.


Every week I also figure draw live models with these same fellows at my local community art gallery.

I’ve been doing this for over a year now. Sometimes I feel I’m getting as good as I use to be.

I also enjoy camping on the beach every year and creating small sand sculptures. I roll up an 8′ long by 24″ wide piece of flashing and pack sand with my feet.

This gives you a nice hard surface to make semi detailed carvings. This is a great way to practice sculpting, and it’s very temporary, which is fine with me.

For a while I was carving on hardpan clay taken from the cliff walls along the beach where I live. These pieces too were temporary but again, a good source of free material. And the view was aways grand.

I also enjoy making small clay busts of people with various expressions.  I just purchased a used kiln and hope to find time to use it.

I’ve also done a few pumpkin carvings. This is also a fun medium to carve on.

Metal sculpture is another artistic expression I enjoy creating on occasion.

When I was 19 years old I developed a technique to make single strand wire sculptures.

Some I made were quite intricate.



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