Burningman micro shelter

This 3 sheet 1″ thick Gorilla duct taped shelter hasn’t made it to Burningman, but was designed for playa use.  Having a plywood top creates anchoring points for tie down lines,

and makes it strong enough to sit on top, at least for me. If you’re heavier than 175 pounds I’d go with 1-1/2″ thick foam board.

Unfortunately this shelter breaks down into 5 sections, With each wall section consisting of a square and triangle. More on-site taping than I’d like but still a cool little shelter.

This can be sleeping quarters for two with some room for cloth bins on the side, or as a single occupant shelter.

A single occupant can spread their stuff around or have space for cooking on those dusty days. The filters also allows light to enter the inside.

To keep dust from entering the shelter you’d want to create a tarp that extends 4″ beyond the sidewalls, then tape the edges to the outer walls.

The door edges were sloped inward to create a door jam. The two opposing air filters create good ventilation.

I find that a door that swings UP does better with windy conditions, and adds to shading when sitting inside.