Cooking oil candle stove


I made this heater/stove for a small push cart shelter. For the main housing I used a Costco peanut can.

This top view with the lid off shows the three vegetable oil candles.

To make the you first need a floating wick. I used a small 3/8″ length of wine cork.

I drilled a center hole for the wick and covered the cork with a piece of tin foil.

I threaded a two inch length of cotton wick string thru the hole, then inserted three toothpicks in the sides of the cork to center the wick in the jar.

I placed the wick at about 3/16″ height before lighting it and placing it in the jar of oil.

I’ve had one of these candles burn for almost 24 hours!

I made this plywood donut to fit the stove rim and a standard sized can of beans or soup.

A large rubber ‘O’ ring is placed around the can. You can vary the distance to the candles by adjusting the ‘O’ ring placement on the can.


Air was drawn from the outside. I also included an exhaust pipe.

The inside stove temperature never got hot enough to melt the plastic viewing screen or the PVC air inlet and exhaust pipes.


In a few minutes I had a warm lunch. Yumm.


The inside donut hole also fits my camping tin tea cup.