Coro Kayak 2


This is the Coro Kayak. I built this about 10 years ago.

It folds up into a nice package for easy transporting. I sell PDF plans for this boat if you’re interested. I like this boat but wanted something a bit more hydrodynamic and more sturdier in construction.

This was the first prototype. I used an old campaign sign. It was clunky but did prove that a boat with two pointy ends could be created to carry a medium-sized person without too much trouble.

On my second prototype I used an extra sheet to create more of a river kayak, with knee support and water spray protection. It was too high, narrow, and a bit difficult to get in and out of.

On my third prototype I added a wood frame to help keep the boat from twisting and strengthen the hull.

After a launch on a rough and choppy day it proved the need for more height and width, plus the sidewalls needed some support.

A frame was added around the inside of the cockpit and a plywood bulkhead. This way I could get in and out of the boat without crushing the sidewalls.

I added a stabilizer fin, water bottle holder, paddle holder, mooring line, fishing pole holder, and a floor pan with a four foot hull supporting board.

This helps keep the water pressure from pushing in too much, and the added floor pan helps keep my butt dry from accumulated paddle drips.

Another small bulkhead, not in view, was also added to re-enforce the curved rear sidewalls. Several items can also be stored behind the plywood bulkhead as well.

Folded down the kayak isn’t that pretty, but the eleven pound package can easily be stored in most car trucks, boots, or back seat.

16 cable ties are what I use to keep all the pieces together. For the sake of the environment (and pocket book) releasable ties can be used. These are found at most home improvement stores.

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