DIY car top carrier

Here I am playing around again with a $20 sheet of 4×8 foot 4mm thick fluted plastic. I thought I’d make a car top carrier.

I buy my fluted plastic at Laird Plastics Inc. (206-623-4900) in downtown Seattle Washington where they stock several thicknesses, sizes and color choices.

Made with zip ties and held down with two cargo straps, this little carry-all holds 5 cubic feet of cargo.

The lid simply folds down. No need for latches. A lock could be installed but for this test I chose not to install one.

I ran the straps thru the door jam and into the cab, riding very near my head.

I took the car up to 7o mph with no noticeable problems. More testing should have been made to determine how long this little guy would last, but the

initial test showed some promise to the idea.