This six sided dome was made using 8 sheets of 4mm thick recycled campaign signs and duct tape.

Similar to my Octatipi in construction, the sides on this shelter flare out giving you more interior head space.

The floor uses two 4×8 ft. campaign sign, bent up at the edges and housed inside the walls to prevent rain water from entering.

I purchased one sheet of 1/2″ plywood for the bed platform, kitchen and book shelvers. Lumber holding up the campaign signs was used for framing.

The counter top has a butane burner and a sunken Tupperware sink with cutting board on top. A foot powered gasoline priming pump feeds water from a gallon

jug on the floor to the copper line shown above the cutting board.

A carpet remnant was added to the floor.

The white panel behind the chair folds into a sits bath tray. I fashioned a flash light holder above the chair for a reading lamp.

I like playing with a minimalistic life style. Here, I have shelving for the basic essentials. Dollar store shelve lining cover my shelves and counter top.

3″ foam is used for the bed padding. There’s plenty of room under the raised bed platform for storage bins. Notice the pee jug.

The wicker outdoor chair is very comfortable, and has plenty of room for storage underneath.