High mileage trike #2

This was my second attempt at making my dream 150+ mpg one passenger vehicle.

I started out with a rear engine design but opted to try a front engine placement for better cooling and balancing.


Later I tried to make it a rat rod type vehicle, but eventually abandoned the idea all together.

Fast forward several years. This is an Electrathon vehicle I purchased. It came with an acrylic blown tinted wind screen.

These are my latest drawings based around the wind screen. The window is not that tall, but I think I can make this work.

Again, having the engine in the rear is not ideal but not bad either. I’ll just have to create better ventilation flow for cooling the engine.

To keep the body aerodynamic yet simple, the sides will be aluminum sheeting. The only fiberglassing will be the area around the bubble wind screen.

Once I finish some of the needed updates to my current home I’ll most likely be coming back to this rather large project. The dream isn’t dead yet!

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