Little miss Sally electric boat

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This is Liberty, the first wood boat I designed and made. The sides and bulkheads are Made of pine boards. The deck and bottom from one sheet of 1/4″ marine plywood.

It started as a kayak, then a spinnaker sail and rudder was added, and finally a small electric trolling motor. It was fun as a power boat, but the little motor made for slow going.

This is Little Miss Sally, the second boat I made. This was specifically designed to be powered by a larger trolling motor.

Here you can see where I increased the width from 24″ to 28″. The boat construction is very different from the liberty boat. On this I used fir strips and 1/4″ Mahogany plywood.

I gave the hull a Dory shape to better roll with oncoming waves. Here you see the red and green navigation light and horn.

A steering wheel was added with lines going back the the motor. A glove box was also added. On the right I have the speed controller, volt meter, light switch and horn button.

The deep cycle battery is stored behind the pilot. On a fresh battery with full charge you can go for about 31/2 hours. Top speed is a fast walking pace.

This shows the modified trolling motor. The steering was later updated to a ‘V’ bar making steering less sensitive.

The upper deck makes for a great place to spread out your lunch. I always stop by Ivars salmon house when I’m out on Lake Union just north of Seattle Washington. Yum!

For PDF plans, click here!






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