Lumber hauling bicycle

Since making a wood rack for my bike that carried 6 totes of belongings I’ve always thought that carrying lumber or long loads  wouldn’t be that

difficult with the right supports.

At first I was going to weld these two brackets to the frame, but after some thinking I realized it wouldn’t be that difficult to make them removable.

Both brackets were made using 3/4″ square tubing and steel flat bar. The front bracket above is attached with a ‘U’ bolt.

A section of tubing was welded to the cross bar. Notice the front was ground down to fit around the steering tube. This keeps the bracket from swiveling around.

The rear bracket was mounted on the fender cross tube.

Sandwiching the cross tube with tabs also keeps this bracket from moving around. The bracket end tabs help keep the wood from sliding off.

Holes in the end tabs were added for bungee cord use, but I later found some nifty straps to keep the load secure.

It was a shaky ride to start but I adapted to the load in no time. Caution and alertness is definitely

needed with such a load as this.

If riding with 64 pounds of wood between your legs seems frightening, you can always walk.

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