Micro survival kits

In 1985 I read an article in Mother Earth News. They asked several outdoor experts to come up with their version of a good personal survival kit.

I was surprised how bulky and useless the kits they showed. I came up with this version using a pint size tin can. It had everything but the kitchen sink!

Many years later I tried again to make another kit, this time much much smaller.

On this I fashioned a saw/knife combo that one could assemble with a stick and copper wire.

It too had lots of good stuff, including an LED push button flash light, a small compass,

tiny whistle, fishing line, hooks, swivels, bait, useless razor blade, water purifying tablets and water proof matches.

On the next version I found a flashlight that had an off-on button  (No need to keep depressing a button to keep it on)

I replaced the razor blade with two razor knife blades, added six finish nails for a debris rake and replaced the matches for a flint and a ball of wax fire starter.

Here’s my first debris rake. Very fancy!

A little wire and you’ve got yourself a headlamp.

Here’s the fishing gear ready to go.


The pen knife is made by drilling a small hole, splitting the branch then inserting the blade and wrapping it tight with the copper wire.

Here’s another version but using a double edged razor knife blade.

Once the knife and saw are created you can make the part needed for the condom canteen.


I tried going smaller using this metal pill container.

Next I





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