Motorized Delta trike

I noticed a front wheel drive trike on the market with a wheel similar to a Unicycle, but unlike a Unicycle you could keep your feet on the pedals when coasting.

Although pedaling a large vehicle this way was almost worthless, like a moped it technically could be classified as a motorized trike allowing anyone without

a license to ride this rig. Also you wouldn’t need to register it or have mandatory insurance.

I used a 2 hp Briggs and Stratton edger motor. To simplify the design and to save weight only one wheel was powered.

This is a similar drive configuration as my first Buringman trike and the Hardley Davidson motorized bike where the the drive chain is connected

to the bicycle 6 speed wheel sprocket.

Here I’ve added the body framing using 3/4″ box steel tubing. This is strong enough to handle a roll over, but the whole rig only weighed 100 pounds.

I never did roll it. I’m a safe driver.

Once the frame was painted I started to attach the fluted plastic body panels.

The body paneling was riveted on. The door hinge was made by cutting one side of the fluted plastic. This held up real well.

I added an access hatch on the top.

You could also access the back storage from the main door. Later I even added a seat belt.

There was also a storage bin up front.


Here I’m showing off the rig to David Brancaccio from PBS news. That was a thrill.