Portable DIY bidet

This is a spent ink pen cartridge. Here I’m heating the cartridge end over a candle. A large nail is used to flaring the end of the tube. This end will rest against the cap. The flare will prevent the tube from popping out when the water bottle is squeezed.

Once the flare is made, slowly heat the center of the cartridge over the candle. Do not over heat!

¬†Carefully bent the tube to a 90 degree angle. Here I’m blowing on the tube to cool it down.

This framing nail is the same diameter as the ink cartridge. Here I’m heating it up and punching a hole in the cap.

Slide the tube through the hole and seat the flare against the cap.   NOTE: this blue cap was cheap and flimsy. I later upgraded to the more durable white cap below.

I used Gorilla glue to attach the tube to the cap. Here you can see the glue puddle on the cap. I suspended mine over night so the glue puddle wouldn’t roll off.

This works great! Before use, I fill my bottle with warm water. You also have pin-point control, eliminating excess spray on your bum.

Let’s say you don’t have a spent ink cartridge. Why not use the outer casing? Here I’m using the outer casing from a BIC pen. Again, slowly and carefully heat the middle up over a candle. I found slipping some cordage in the tube while bending helped support the bend from collapsing.

BIC pens have the blue cap on the end. Why not use this as the spray nozzle? Here I’ve heated up a small nail over the candle and punched a hole trough.


Here I’m drilling a hole through the cork a bit smaller than the diameter of the pen casing.

Cut the pen casing a little longer than the cork.

Electrical or vinyl tape was added around the cork to create a tight fit to the bottle opening. Rotate and push the pen casing into the cork hole.

Like mine, you may have some drips coming where the casing meets the cork, but when aimed into the toilet, no big deal.

Personally I prefer the little ink pen cartridge over the larger pen casing. It seems to have a better stream, probably because the water isn’t obstructed before exiting the tube, as does the big casing tube with the blue nozzle.