Remodeled Nomad bicycle camper

This was the Nomad camper that kinda started a movement? Not sure, but it has received millions of views on YouTube in the last few years.

It had a lovely interior with stove, sink and lots of storage.

For years I thought of a shorter version, not just to save weight and reduce side winds, but I thought it would look cooler.

I was going to add an extension to make up the length, but after some contemplation I realized I sleep on my side and curl up in a ball, no thanks

to sleeping with a huge dog at the foot of my bed. It was a small price to pay for sleeping with the woman I eventually married and love.

I cut off 20″ from the rear end.

I ripped out the cabinets and selves and added this under-the-floor storage box replacing the molded plastic tray that fell apart years ago.

The upper storage compartments were repositioned. The previous counter-top on the left, sink and water jug were removed and replaced with a full length storage area that connects

with he upper shelf . This can be stuffed with whatever items I need. The board under the door is used as a lap table or a backrest when leaning up against the dome wall.

I kept the six slide drawers and added storage pockets on the wall using a repurposed Levi’s jean pant leg. I can see making a Levi’s jean tool belt some day. Stay tuned!

On the other side I added some hand made aluminum diamond plating for the back splash and made a nook near the rear tire. The interior stove was removed.

On the back I created more storage shelves for clothes and a storage bin (or plant holder) above the shelves.

I camouflaged the exterior thinking it would be nice to slip into a park or woods to catch some undetected shuteye when traveling.

What’s that rig I’m riding? Go the ‘Menu’ and click the ‘Transportation’ tab, then ‘Motor Vehicles’ to get a better look.


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