Tim’s bicycle camper

Tim Trout sent these pictures of  his new Nomad camper.

Tim wrote:

‘I colored the shell grey to resemble an airstream. Built the frame with the wheels more toward the rear. I also put some extra support in the frame where I’ll lay. I also came up with different front leg supports, and salvaged a discarded tow hitch. Still need to install a window and a rear storage box, but all in all I think it came out pretty good. My trip starts on March 17th 2017.’

Tim chose foil tape to cover his seams. With my camper, after being exposed to the elements for several years, the paint is noticeably peeling away from the Gorilla tape I use.

Tim spray painted the safety stripes instead of using yellow vinyl tape like mine.

Looks good! Here too you can see the directional signals mounted above the camper. Nice safety touch!

The red disk is part of an electric hub motor. Very handy to have for hill climbing.

For his skylight he cut out the bottom center of an old cookie tin, then attached Lexan and sealed it up.

For the floor he used cheap interlocking floor mats purchased from harbor freight.

Looks good Tim! I hope all goes well on your journey!

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