Bucket toilet stabilizers

My old camper doesn’t have a bathroom, which is fine except when you need to tinkle in the middle of the night. So we ordered a two room shower tent and a snap on bucket toilet seat from Amazon.

Right away I discovered a potential problem. Too tippy even for my scrawny butt!

Not long ago I rebuilt a stair case and wisely saved the triangle cut-outs. I trimmed the outside ends off so we wouldn’t trip over them.


I used three fender washers (big washer, little hole) and wood screws to secure the legs to the bucket.


I even tried to use the handle as a toilet paper holder, but it proved to be a hassle when changing out an empty roll.

Muuuuuch more stable!

The entrance to the two room shower tent serves as the commode and dressing area. The water proof containers store items like toilet paper, bucket liners, wood pellet kitty liter and hand sanitizer. We stored the paper wipes separately in a waist basket to better cover the pee and poo with the moisture absorbent pellets. Much more economical this way. After a week we ran out of kitty litter and bought some more at a Walmart. Unfortunately they only had recycles newspaper kitty litter pellets. These were perfumee smelling and didn’t absorb half as good as the wood pellets. ¬†Just sayin…