Burningman box shelter

This was my first use of Coroplast, or better known as fluted plastic or plastic cardboard. This 2-1/2 sheet 4 ft square box used 2×2’s for corner framing.

Button head screws fastened the panels to the frame. For transport the shelter was made modular. All I had to do was attach the corner frame to the adjacent panel.

The shelter housed my recliner, shelves, cooler and other goodies. I even cooked on the 2×6 door threshold. It had an 18″ diameter acrylic dome on the side.

During wind storms I’d close the door and crank the tunes. Often I’d see tents and debris fly by my window, while I stayed snug as a bug.

It was too small to sleep in so I slept in the back of my truck. My playa name that year was Jack, for Jack-in-the-box.