Burningman foam board Teepee

For PDF plans, click here! 

This is a 4 sheet 1-1/2″ thick rapid deployment shelter I made for sleeping quarters at Burningman.  It worked out great.

Sometimes you didn’t’ know it was windy outside until you open the door!

Many thanks to the unknown neighbor who was kind enough to striking a pose! 

It had enough room for two 3″ thick foam pads clothing. 

The top was left open and so air could circulate thru the 10″ by 20″ (removable and cleanable) air filter. Inside it stayed pretty dust free. 

The following year the panels showed more signs of corrosion, (black spots) but the tape held up pretty well. Also I only used 4 boards around the edges to keep the structure in place.

I also added the globe that I used for the pyramid. I shoved a strand of solar powered lights in the globe. It looked pretty cool at night. 

The shelter folded like a fan. I kept it in two sections for ease of transport. 

For transport I placed the two 6″ thick stacks opposite one another. This formed a 4×8 ft footprint and traveled with my larger shelter and pedal car on my Harbor freight trailer.

For PDF plans, click here!