Homeless Emergency Shelter

For PDF plans, click here! 

I was wondering what space could be made by arcing a sheet of fluted plastic lengthwise. After a few drawings this is what I came up with.

It’s made using 4 sheets of 4mm fluted plastic. I purchase my material at a plastics supply store which has the sheets in a few colors. I like yellow.

Zip ties hold the structure together and duct tape was used to cover the zip tie holes. Here, I’m wondering where to put the door…




Once I figured out where the door would go I thought I’d try using 1/4″ paneling, but later decided to just stay with fluted plastic.

The door was made with two layers for strength and to create a pocket for the sliding plexiglass window.

I think this speaks of its ability to take a weight load.

The interior turned out to be quite roomy. I was able to lean up against the rear wall. A shelve was installed and an overhead storage cabinet.

Most all the comforts of home.

To the left is a butane stove and cooler. Here too is a view of the open window. Vent holes are up top.

A 2-1/2 gallon fresh water jug sits over the trash can. Dirty shoes are stored on the fluted plastic floor tray.

The plexiglass window pivots from the lower bolt near the window opening. Here too is a shot of most of the hardware on the shelter.

I like these plastic sliding drawers for storage. They’re light weight and strong, plus you can see what’s in the drawer.

For PDF plans, click here!