Coro box boat

For PDF plans, click here!

The Coro box boat was a design that created more buoyancy than my first ‘V’ hull motor boat, the Coro Speed boat.

At first the steering mimicked the Speed boat but then it went thru an evolution.

On the next version a front storage area was included. A ‘V’ bar replaced the inboard arm coming off the motor, and the big spool on the steering column came off.

A horn was added as well.

Here I have all that’s needed for a long afternoon excursion. Ear plugs are also a must.

Lake Union just south of Seattle Washington is still my favorite place to visit. With working boats and over 400 house boats, there’s lots to see.

The storage lid also comes down and acts as a tray for eating lunch on the water. I really like this option. Mmmm. Ivars fish and salad. I get it every visit here.

Here I am sitting in the smallest motor boat on the lake looking at the biggest motor boat on the lake.

I could putt around all day on the fuel it would take to turn that mammoth motor over one time. Huh…

For PDF plans, click here!