Coro speed boat

For PDF plans, click here! 

The Speed boat is basically a 4×8 ft sheet of 6mm Coroplast, better known as fluted plastic.

The boat folds are similar to a Chinese to-go food box except the fluids are kept outside instead of inside.

Because of these folds, all that’s needed to keep the structure together are a new bolts. No glue or finish is needed.

For hull support I cut a slit down PVC tubing with a table saw, then slid these over the top hull edges.


Extra PVC was added for steering and hull bracing. A 15 pound Game fisher 1.2 hp motor keeps this boat nice and light.

Later I added the yellow front spray guard.

At 6 knots top speed this is a fun little boat to buzz around in. It’s definitely low tech and with all the tools and materials at hand you can have this boat up and running in a weekend.

For PDF plans, click here!