Giant Pinwheel

After purchasing two dozen sheets of fluted plastic I was wondering what else could be made with this material. The idea of a pinwheel always appealed to me.

After doing some research on the internet, I bumped into (Dr. ARod’s Art) Youtube channel. It was there that I got the idea of making a GIANT fluted plastic Pinwheel.

I chose to use Dr. ARod’s idea of using a bicycle hub for the main axle. I first centered and drilled a hole the size of the bearing cup onto an 1/8″ thick 12″ square plate.

I placed the hub into the hole and scribed two opposing spoke holes, drilled them out and slipped in tight fitting 1/8″ diameter rivets. I then scribed the rest of the holes.

I actually located and drilled two opposing holes and lightly set 1/8″ rivets

I carefully hole punched the center of each spoke hole.

Here I’m using my drill press to drill the holes. I had the plate free floating, but was able to get close to make sure the drill hit the hole punch.





















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