Burningman foam board Teepee

March 28, 2019

For PDF plans, click here! This is a 4 sheet 1-1/2″ thick rapid deployment shelter I made for sleeping quarters at Burningman. It worked out great. Sometimes you didn’t’ know it was windy outside until you open the door! Many thanks to the unknown neighbor who was kind enough to striking a pose! It had…

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Coro Teepee

March 26, 2019

For PDF plans, click here! After making a shelter of similar design for Burningman using foil backed foam board insulation, I wanted to make one using fluted plastic, or Corrugated plastic. I call this the Coro Teepee. For the most part the Teepee is made using 4 sheets of 4mm fluted plastic and Gorilla…

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